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At last I am on the right path!
I have always felt that I was here to do something really special with my life. For many years I didn’t know what that was. And then I discovered Astrid’s body confidence coach certification training. My own journey and relationship with my body has been uncomfortable to say the least. And so I embarked on the Body Confidence training course from two levels. One was to help me personally and the other was to see if I could also help other people. By the end of the training I am amazed to say that I felt confident enough to start up my own coaching practice. And although its early days, I feel that I am (at last) on my right path. My own self and body confidence have soared and every day I give thanks that I took the step forward to enroll for this fabulous course. I highly recommend it! Thank you Astrid!
B. Stockley - Body Confidence Coach

One of the best courses I have ever participated in!
What I love most about this transformational course is that it combines the mind, body, emotions and spirit in the teachings. It is one of the best courses that I have ever participated in. Right from the beginning I was completely engaged. The material is easy to understand and Astrid brings it to life in the embodied experiential weekends. I felt relaxed enough to play with my own coaching style and develop my own niche area from the course. Excellent training delivered with warmth, professionalism, passion and empathy. I loved it!
S. J Hawkins - Health Care Professional & Coach

This superb course went beyond what I had expected!
As a fitness professional and personal trainer I felt I needed more understanding about the relationship we all have with our body and how this impacts our lives. This superb course went beyond what I had expected! It has made a huge difference to not only my own relationship with my body but how I will coach my clients in the future. This program is brilliant. The Mind/Body/Emotions and Soul modules are exactly what have been missing from the health, wellness and fitness industry. A much needed course at a much needed time. Thank you – you have touched my heart with your training.
G. Buckley – Fitness Trainer

The course has helped me enormously with my own self belief and body confidence.

​​First Class all the way!
Groundbreaking training which has allowed me to increase my compassion for myself and others. As a breast cancer survivor my own body image and relationship with myself took a huge knock four years ago. Personally I have learned to heal and reclaim my own self worth. Professionally I feel I now have the confidence to share my message with the world! The Body Confidence Coach Certification training will literally change your life! First class on every level. Highly recommended.
J. Sampson – Spa salon owner & Body Confidence Coach

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Astrid says we should all love our bodies. And what’s more, she can tell you how to do it!

Woman’s Own
Astrid is perfect proof that body image is all About believing in yourself.

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Refreshingly honest…will teach you how to Live your life in the now!

Slimmer, Healthier, Fitter
Combining motivation and upbeat advice, it’s A good way to remind yourself that, actually you’re Pretty fantastic after all!​​
My name is Eileen. I have just finished the Body confidence and wellness course with Astrid. I found it very enjoyable and informative Astrid is warm and welcoming. she was very willing to share  her knowledge, information and experiences of how to have a health  body and  mind. The course has helped me enormously with my own self belief and body confidence.  Astrid has taught me to listen to my body, and be aware of how pain, disease, and illness affects our bodies. There was no problem ringing Astrid if I had a problem or needed clarification  on the assignments. She always gave me the time and attention I needed.
Eileen O Sullivan​

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