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Astrid Longhurst
Course Founder & Director

Astrid is the founder and director of the Institute for Body Confidence Coaching. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Body Confidence” (Penguin/Michael Joseph) and was the former fitness presenter on GMTV delivering her hugely inspirational morning workouts for every shape, size, age and ability! Her work has been featured in major Television & media channels including GMTV, BBC, RTE, SKY LIVING, DISPATCHES, CHANNEL 4, ITV, THIS MORNING.

She is also a sought after Body Image expert providing comment, quotes, articles and advice for  Cosmopolitan, Company, Zest, Health & Fitness, Woman’s Way, Bella, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Health Plus, The Irish Examiner, Good Housekeeping, Red, Glow, The TV Times, Prima, Glamour, Sugar and You are what you eat magazine.

Astrid developed the institute for Body Confidence Coaching out of her passion to help people heal their relationship with their body and live their best, most authentic life! Astrid began her career as a dancer and then moved into fitness, becoming the first size 24 fitness presenter on National Television. Having always struggled with her weight and own body image & health issues she went on to train and qualify in counseling & psychotherapy and subsequently in Life, Personal & Executive business coaching.

Astrid Longhurst

She is also an accredited Life Coach supervisor. Astrid is a key note inspirational speaker at many health & wellness events including The Vitality Show (London) The Ideal Home Show (London), Mind body spirit show at The RDS (Dublin). Astrid was also one of the first generation of Plus sized models who pioneered the way for women to look and feel fabulous at every shape, size and age! She graced the catwalk stage at many of the premier London fashion stores including Harrods, Dickins & Jones, Selfridges and was the poster girl for Marks & Spencer in one of their plus size clothing campaigns.

Astrid was also the fitness editor for “YES” magazine and was delighted when her fabulous fitness video, The ABC workout was listed as one of the top four workout videos in the fitness video charts

Astrid’s latest book “ROMANCING YOUR BODY” (How to fall deeply, passionately & wildly in love with your body & your life), is a beautiful testament to the transformative power of loving your body. Not only does this book show you why you need to love your body – it also tells you how.

Available here on Amazon

Romancing Your Body

Astrid’s vision

Astrid’s vision is to forever change the way we see and relate to our body, enabling us to live empowered, dynamic, happy, healthy, fabulous and fulfilled lives in a body that we love, cherish, respect and adore!

When you love your body, you love your life. Body Confidence & Well-being is at the heart of our lives.

When we feel great about ourselves, how we look and who we are we engage with life in a positively dynamic and life enhancing way.

Astrid’s unique body confidence coach training empowers you to understand how your body has been shaped and how to create a new body story, which is born out of your own conscious choice, desire and authenticity.

Astrid pioneered and developed her unique Body Confidence & Well-being Coach training programme, which is the only one of its kind in the world.

This powerful and dynamic Mind, Body, Soul coach training course provides comprehensive and transformative professional training in all areas of Body Confidence & Well-being coaching. Recognizing the need for a holistic, mind, body, emotion and spiritual approach to body image issues, this course is at the leading edge of transformational education.
The Institute

Our Mission

The Institute for Body Confidence Coaching is on a mission to forever change the way the world understands the relationship with our body, health, movement, food, emotions and our mind. We are at the leading edge of a movement which is inspiring a whole new awakening around the relationship we have with our body, ourselves, our world and what it means to be fully alive and engaged with our true purpose in life.

The institute offers transformational educational & training, through its unique Body Confidence & Well-being Coach Certification training programme for people wishing to gain a certified recognition in this area.

We also offer in house Body Confidence & Well-being Coach training programs for corporations, groups, educational institutes and private companies.

The Body Confidence & Well-being Coach Certification Training Programme is a specialist training that goes beyond the scope of most basic Coaching Certifications. It is the only one of it’s kind in the world and is offered to you in an easy and affordable blended learning format

As Body Confidence & Well-being Coaches we have a tremendous opportunity before us – to serve others in ways they haven’t been served before.

  • We can help people free themselves from self-imposed negative, outmoded and distressing body beliefs.

  • We can help people connect with what they are truly hungry for and trust their own innate and powerful body wisdom.

  • We can guide them into strategies that help change their relationship with themselves, life and the planet.

  • We can be part of a new movement that celebrates the uniqueness and wisdom of every body shape!

  • We can inspire others to LOVE, RESPECT and CHERISH their body and move through the world in CONFIDENCE, HAPPINESS , HEALTH AND HARMONY!

  • And, we can generate a new body culture and consciousness that teaches the new generation to know how to live their best, most authentic lives in a body they love, appreciate, trust and cherish!

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